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Health Screening

Eligible SOCSO members aged 40 and above can claim their complimentary health screening at GP Klinik.


Download the SOCSO app now and secure your free health check-up with our expert panel of doctors.

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How to Book Your SOCSO Health Screening at GP Klinik

Download the App

Get the SOCSO Health App from your device's app store.

Check your eligibility for SOCSO Health Screening Programme


*this is the only way 

Book an Appointment

- Open the app and sign in.

- Go to 'Health Screening' and select

  'GP Klinik'.

- Pick a date and time, then confirm

Visit GP Klinik

  • Arrive a bit early for your appointment.

  • Show your confirmation at reception.

  • Meet the doctor for your health check-up.


Find out More...

Speak with our Customer Care team today on how you can claim your FREE health screening from SOCSO or your Employee Benefits.

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Check your eligibility...
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