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Do you accept walk in appointment?

Due to the current MCO, we recommend that you book an appointment one day earlier at our Booking Page.
If you are unable to make a booking online, please do contact our hotline and our Patient Care Managers will help organise one for you. 

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We accept bookings up to 6 hours prior to your requested time slot. Please do call us at +601110510999 for any urgent enquiries.  

Will my insurance cover my visit?

We currently are not attached to any insurance panels. 

Any policy that allows for a pay & claim can be used with us as we would provide all the necessary bills and documents that you need. We encourage our patients to engage with their Human Resource departments to list Klinik G&P as their panel clinic and enjoy up to 20% discounts for our services and diagnostics. For enquiries you can reach out to us at

How will you use my personal data?

Please refer to our data privacy policy here.

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