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720 (2).mp4

The manual of a DVD player says it plays .mp4 file format on the USB, some users still failed to play MP4 on it. Why does it happen? This is probably because your MP4 is encoded with a codec that your DVD player doesn't support. As a container format, MP4 can hold multiple video and audio codecs in it. Due to codec incompatible issue, you may hear the audio but can't see video, or you may get neither audio nor video. An error massage may pop up saying unsupported file type.

720 (2).mp4

And you need to know that when a DVD player says it can play mpeg4, it doesn't mean that it can play video file with .mp4 extension. And it usually means that it supports MPEG 4 part 2 encoded video in an AVI container, namely AVI with Xvid/DivX. For example, some DVD players can play MP4 with DivX or Xvid, but can't play MP4 with H.264 codec. Therefore, you need to check the manual of your DVD player model and see what codecs and formats it accept from the USB. After that, you can use the following transcoding process to fix the DVD player won't MP4 issue.

Sony is also a bit self interested, as I believe a co-founder of the AVCHD standard (with JVC?), it makes .mp4 a 'secondary/subordinate' video method making it mid-HD vs Full HD (avchd) or lite-HD 720p.

MP4 are .mp4 files (based on MPEG ISO Base Media File Format) with no real limits on allowable codecs, FPS, bitrates and other settings but in the context of cameras/camcorders there are limits. In this context, MPEG AVC is also the video codec of choice. It just seems that for whatever reason FPS and bitrates are much lower and it's interlaced. And strangely, they like to squish 1920x1080 down to 1440x1080 which potentially loses quality.

When the desired frames have been saved, the next step is to specifythe movie Output file name/location and Output format: MPEG-1 [.mpg] MPEG-2 [.mpg] MPEG-4 [.mp4] AVI MSMPEG-4v2 [.avi] Quicktime [.mov] (default, unless a presethas been chosen)Clicking Make movie initiates theprocess of encoding the saved frames into a movie file. Duringencoding, the button changes to Cancel movie, whichcan be clicked to halt the process.When the movie is fully assembled, a reset will occur unless Reset after encode has been turned off.

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