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A month after the game's launch, Diablo Immortal has among the lowest Metacritic user review scores of all time Diablo IV Gold: 0.4 on iOS and 0.3 on PC. "Disgustingly designed," reads one typical comment.

On the Apple App Store However, Diablo Immortal has a rating of 4.5 out five stars. "Finally a mobile game done right!" comments one user.

In their respective ways the two ratings are exactly.

Diablo Immortal isn't just an update to Blizzard's legendary action-RPG game series, but it also frames Diablo in a new context. Several new contexts, actually it's designed specifically for mobile devices with touchscreen controls. It's a massively multiplayer online game featuring a shared environment where players can be seen playing around. It was developed in collaboration with NetEase, a Chinese company called NetEase, and, more than any Blizzard game prior to it, has been developed with an eye on Asian markets. It's free to play. These are all huge sea shifts for Diablo.

However, for any Diablo player, and especially any Diablo 3 player -- Diablo Immortal will be a comfortingly familiar. The distinctive isometric perspective, frantic combat with monsters in swarms, as well as the fountains of loot, are all present. In addition, Immortal has clearly been built around an existing Diablo 3 engine and uses its assets, but retains the same feel and feel as Blizzard's 2012 game. Immortal's artwork is the same vibrantly colored golden glow, and the combat is the same addictive firework display, and the clang and splatter effects give the same, Pavlovian satisfaction.

That's why Immortal is an identical game set in an entirely different setting that opinions of the various segments of its player base can vary so widely. Current Diablo fans don't like the way their beloved game is enhanced in its current free-to play version, while mobile users, used to this kind of business model they are delighted with the quality, depth, and scope Immortal has learned of its previous games. Both groups are right, so should we just chalk this up to some other strokes and move forward? But no, because Diablo Immortal isn't merely at the center of a video game culture war. It's also fighting the game itself buy Diablo 4 Gold.

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