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Langkawi, Tioman, Melaka?....Tourism Travel Bubble Explained

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

This blog post has been updated to reflect changes to the travel SOP. Updated on 17 October 2021.

Langkawi was chosen as a pilot destination under the Tourism Recovery Plan. The "Travel Bubble" initiative will be implemented in Langkawi from September 2021 will serve as a benchmark for opening more tourist destinations in the country in our fight against Covid-19.

Minister of Health Khairy Jamaludin advised those travellers under the Langkawi travel bubble scheme which began on Thursday (Sept 16), are now NO LONGER required to take Covid-19 tests before departure. The Ministry of Tourism also advises tourists to be responsible and follow the prescribed standard operating procedures(SOPs) because their actions will determine the fate of the country’s tourism sector.

The Tourism Recovery Plan which covers this three strategies :

  1. To restore people’s confidence to travel

  2. Reviving the domestic tourism industry

  3. Identify all tourism products and increase more creative offerings by maximizing resources

However for all boarding of flights it is still compulsory for travelers to take an RT-PCR or RTK-Antigen test for Covid-19 prior to their trip.

The Swab/Saliva test is compulsory for :

  • Adults travelers age 18 and above

  • Children age between 7-17 years

  • Symptomatic screening will be done for children aged 6 and below taking into account their abilities to produce saliva.

  • To be done 3 days in advance for Travel to Sabah

Please check with your airline on any other necessary requirements on your pre-flight checklist.


Traveler can choose for one of the 3 following Covid-19 test procedures:

  1. Take PCR or RTK test at any health facility within 48 hours before your departure date. Bring along the test result to the airport or ferry terminal.

  2. Purchase your own saliva self testing kits, bring it along and conduct the test yourself at designated screening sites at the airport or ferry terminal

  3. Purchase saliva self testing kits that will be available at screening sites in airports or ferry terminals and conduct the test on the spot, if the test turns out negative ,you can continue with your journey.

Knowing which test to do can be confusing and if you are asking yourself 'which test do I do to travel for my holiday' during this travel get in touch with our Doctors to clear any doubts so that you have peace of mind during your vacation,

Enjoy your holiday according to the SOPs and stay safe.


For Covid-19 Travel Bubble Testing Enquiries :

WHATSAPP us +60182157710 or Email

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