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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

How to get the PERKESO/SOCSO HSP Screening?

The SOCSO Health Screening Program (HSP) is a new benefit provided by SOCSO with the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyles and identifying high-risk groups of workers with non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular disease, etc.

SOCSO will provide health screening for all active workers aged 40 years and above, and who contribute to Socso under the Disability Scheme. The Health Screening Program will be offered continuously to enable all future workers attaining the age of 40 to benefit from this program.

SOCSO HSP, Health Screening Programme, PERKESO
We provide on site and in clinic SOCSO / PERKESO Health screening programmes for you....Get in touch with our community doctors to find out how you can get tested today.

Who is eligible under the HSP?

  • Malaysian.

  • Actively contribute to SOCSO under the Disability Scheme.

  • Ages 40 years and above.

  • Also open to contributors aged between 30 to 39 years and at risk of NCD health.

Steps to get Vouchers for those who qualify :

  1. Employers/employees can check HSP eligibility at or download the SEHATi mobile application through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store platform for an easier and more flexible process.

  2. If eligible, you can schedule an appointment for a health screening with a clinic registered under SOCSO's Health Screening Program panel clinic. Employees can browse the website to get a list of panel clinics.

  3. Get a free health screening

  4. For a mammogram examination, the panel doctor will refer the employee after undergoing a standard examination.

  5. Access screening test results.

What are the diseases that the SOCSO Health Screening Program is screening?

  • SOCSO is screening for non-communicable diseases namely hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, and dyslipidemia for all.

  • The tests will also give the Framingham score for assessing the cardiovascular disease risk.

  • For women, additional screening for breast and cervical cancers is done.

To learn more details, visit out in depth blog on the SOCSO HSP titled : The Importance of SOCSO Health Screening Program in Malaysia

How many vouchers are given to eligible workers?

For men only one voucher is given :

  • One for general screening

However, for women two vouchers are given :

  • One for general screening; and

  • One for mammogram examination.

The Screening Includes:

  1. Physical Examination

  2. Consultation

  3. Blood and Urine Tests

  4. Interpretation of Medical Findings

  5. Clinical Advise

The Health Parameters Are:

  1. Full Blood Count

  2. Fasting glucose

  3. Fasting lipid profile

  4. Urine feme / Microalbuminuria

  5. Pap Smear (Women)

  6. Mamogram (Women)


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