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Virtual Supervision RTK-AG Test (Teleconsult), is it approved?

Recently, the Health Minister of Malaysia, Khairy Jamalludin Stated in a press conference that self-supervised RTK-AG testing services (Teleconsult) are permitted. He said the initiative is based on the Malaysian Medical Council’s (MMC) virtual consultation guidelines.

The procedure can only be performed by a doctor registered with MMC, and the session should be performed live to prevent possible fraud if video recording is allowed. Medical practitioners must also ensure that users follow the sampling protocols outlined in the test kit instructions, that each test kit has a unique identification to avoid forgery and duplication, and that the results are uploaded to the online platform.

Now travelers are able to get their Covid test certificate where ever they are through this virtual consultation (Teleonsult) which saves time and money, as well as reduces the risk of infection to others.

We from Klinik G&P provide virtual consultation (Teleconsult) services that meet the requirements of the authorities where this will be done under the observation of our certified doctors, all your information will be confidential and the results will be uploaded into an online platform where your My-Sejahtera will be updated in 24 hours.

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