The Good to Have Tests

All the GOOD to have tests once a year

  • 15 minutes
  • 139 Malaysian ringgits
  • Klinik G&P

Service Description

This package includes ALL the Basic Tests : - Full Blood Count - Renal Function Test - Liver Function Test - Fasting Blood Sugar -Lipid Studies - Urine FEME AND the following GOOD to have tests once a year : HbA1c The measure of your blood glucose over the previous 90 - 120 days, hence a more reliable measure of your average glucose than a fasting glucose but also slower to react to recent changes in your dietary lifestyle or health. Urine Microalbumin A urine microalbumin test is a test to detect very small levels of a blood protein (albumin) in your urine. A microalbumin test is used to detect early signs of kidney damage in people who are at risk of developing kidney disease Hepatitis B Antigen & Antibody The hepatitis B surface antibody test (HBsAb), looks for antibodies that your immune system makes in response to the surface protein of the hepatitis B virus. Thyroid Stimulatin Hormone (TSH) Thyroid stimulating hormone. The thyroid secretes several hormones influencing metabolism, growth and development,and body temperature. TSH is produced in pituitary gland at the base of the brain and tells thyroid how much hormones to produce.Too much TSH could indicate an underactive thyroid, too little-an overactive one. Renal Function The kidneys keep our bodies clean from toxins and other waste products such as : 1. Creatinine : a waste products tha is produced continously during normal muscle breakdown. Abnormal values may indicate reduced kidney function. 2. Urea : a waste products from breaking down proteins in the liver. which the kidneys filter out. ABnormal levels can indicate that either the kidneys of liver are not functioning well, OR that other conditions such as gastrointestinal bleeding are present.

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We will credit your funds for other services provided by us if cancellation is made with less 24 hours notice of the appointment date.

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