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Follicle Fuel is a carefully formulated supplement designed to support hair health and growth. Its contents include:


-Thiamine (60mg) & Vitamin B5 (60mg): Essential B vitamins that help convert nutrients into energy, vital for hair follicle health.
- Silica Gel (50mg): A micronutrient that strengthens hair and stimulates growth by enhancing collagen production.
- L-Cysteine (20mg): An amino acid that supports the structure of keratin in hair, promoting strength and growth.
- PABA (20mg): Protects hair follicles and can improve hair color.
- Saccharomyces (100mg): A yeast that aids in nutrient absorption and scalp health.
- Biotin (0.5mg): Key for hair growth and strength, improving keratin infrastructure.
- Zinc Citrate (50mg): Essential for hair tissue growth and repair, and helps keep the oil glands around follicles working properly.


Each component is chosen for its role in enhancing hair vitality and growth, making Follicle Fuel an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their hair health naturally.

Follicle Fuel - Hair Growth & Strength, 90 Tablets

Expected to ship in 3 - 5 days.
  • Our supplements set the benchmark with their pharmaceutical-grade distinction, meticulously custom-made by our dedicated team of doctors and pharmacists.

    By prioritizing pharmaceutical-grade quality, we guarantee that our supplements are formulated with precision, tailored to support your health and well-being with the best quality vitamins. 

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