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Weight Wise (Intensive) is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients aimed at supporting weight management and metabolism:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (1500mg): May reduce appetite and block fat production.
  • African Mango Extract (1000mg): Supports weight loss through appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • Dandelion Extract (1000mg): Acts as a diuretic, supporting water weight management.
  • Green Coffee Extract (400mg): Contains chlorogenic acid for metabolism boost and fat reduction.
  • Green Tea Extract (250mg): Enhances metabolic rate and increases fat burning.
  • L-Carnitine (2000mg): Aids in the conversion of fat into energy, improving metabolism and energy levels.

This powerful combination targets multiple aspects of weight loss, from appetite suppression to enhancing metabolic rate, making it a comprehensive choice for intensive weight management efforts.

Weight Wise (Intensive) - Intensive Weight Management, 90 Tablets

PriceFrom RM776.00
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