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POST COVID-19 Health Screening

BRAND NEW profile that assist in monitoring post-Covid patients’ help

  • 15 minutes
  • From 360
  • Jalan PJU 1a/5a|Sierra Ara Damansara

Service Description

Hs CRP Increases when there’s inflammation in your body. Not only useful to detect an acute inflammation, it can show “silent” chronic inflammation which can arise from auto-immune or other conditions like Covid infection and cause problems over time if undetected. D-Dimer commonly used to assess a blood clotting disorder. A raising D-dimer values can help identify people who can be at higher risk of COVID-19 complications. FERRITIN Iron is an essential molecule used in the transportation of oxygen through the body. Iron is converted and stored in the body in the form of ferritin. In the acute (contagious) stage of COVID, the virus thrives on iron and sugar, depleting iron and iron stores in the body. In an effort to protect itself, the body may sequester iron in the form of ferritin. In Long COVID, the mechanism to regulate ferritin levels can be disrupted, and some people develop ferritin toxicity. This condition can damage the organs, including the thyroid, heart, liver, kidney, adrenal glands and eyes. Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) LDH plays an important role in making your body's energy. In Covid, it is important to test LDH to monitor the extent of the disease and to determine if there’s any severe tissue damage. High LDH levels has been found in people who had acquired lung infection during covid infection. VITAMIN D (If necessary) Vitamin D is an important nutrient that supports immune function. Studies have also shown that Vitamin D supplementation could be crucial during recovery and may even help speed up recovery. Therefore, taking an essential test like the Vitamin-D test would give you a fair idea and help deal with any deficiency, if needed. Cortisol And all the 'Good to Have Tests' -Full Blood Count -Renal Function Test -Liver Function Test -Lipid Studies

Cancellation Policy

We will credit your funds for other services provided by us if cancellation is made with less 24 hours notice of the appointment date.

Contact Details

  • KLINIK G&P, Jalan PJU 1a/5a, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


  • GP KLINIK, Jalan PJU 1a/5a, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

    +6011 1051 0999

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